Meet Your Team

Ben has a background of corporate entrepreneurship, successfully leading high-performance teams, devising and executing strategy for start-ups up to Fortune 500. He has successfully launched a number of World first products and Services into Australia.

Ben Ho, Business Manager


Hogan is a strong contributor to devising and executing strategic direction for Companies. A proven performer in planning, executing and leading teams towards operational change, improvement and innovation. Business experience both locally and internationally. 


Hogan Ho, Operations, Innovation & Process 

Nadun is a Masters of Computer Science and Network Engineering. 10+ years experience with a vast knowledge and a real passion for technology. Specializing in broad-base management and systems design.

Nadun, Chief Technology Officer

Ury is an experienced lawyer with over 13 years experience. He or his own staff will have the depth of knowledge to advise your Company on virtually all things legal. 

Ury, Legal Counsel

William has a strong Consumer and B2B marketing background. You now have the expertise of using the same marketing tactics deployed by Fortune 500 telco and gaming companies within your own business.

William, Marketing Executive

Steve is our go to supplier for Imaging + Print and he has a serious superpower in Project Management. He helps us manage the demands of our Client print requirements and we can produce virtually any marketing collateral you desire.

Steve, Print and Project Executive

Mark will help you acquire new customers and help you run any trade and marketing events if you can't attend them yourself. He has proven himself time and time again over the phones and has helped us with 200+ PAX events. Being a younger member of our team he gives us different viewpoints to consider.

Mark, Business Development Manager

Shirley gives ourselves and our clients an access to a very diverse set of skills which can be applied across multiple marketing activities. In addition she is a people person and worked for us across a number of Corporate Events.

Shirley, Marketing Assistant

Kim ensures our team is on track for all tasks and that they receive the support they require to focus on growing your sales. She helps remove admin from people shouldn't be doing admin.

Kim, Office Administration (Casual)

Arthur is an experienced Backend and Frontend Developer.

Professional PHP developer for 8+ years. Master in social media APIs, cloud computing, code, database optimization and machine learning.

Arthur, Head Developer

Nurislam is our senior mobile development executive, covering both IOS / Android. With six year’s experience he oversee mobile application team operations.

Nurislam, Mobile Development

Dinara has 5yrs + experience in back-end web development. Responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users.

Dinara, Backend Developer

Aleksandr is our front-end developer specializing in building the front-end, client-side of a web application.

Aleksandr, Frontend Developer

Aleks is an experienced UX/UI designer. He is always thinking outside the box. He ensures your user's experience feels great at all times with a logical flow and unique design.

Aleks, UX & UI + Graphic Design

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